ReNaturing™ Founder
CSO, Chief Shamanic Officer
Women who want to stop giving their power away, and desire to stand in their power, hire me to begin Renaturing. Humanity benefits by people living in certainty of their unique purpose and power, and Renaturing makes that trust in yourself second nature." 
Mellisa Bottali, the voice and creator of ReNaturing™, is a woman with a unique connection to Nature and Source. Her personal development programs & retreats combine ancient wisdom and natural laws to support women in realizing their unique gifts and developing enlightened leadership. As a result of listening to the wisdom of Nature and direction of Source, thousands of women internationally are now ReNaturing™ — becoming conscious creators, with self-certainty and self-trust, until it becomes second-nature to wake up living their true purpose every day. This empowering process can assist you too in getting in sync with Nature, Source, Infinite Possibility, and ultimately bless you with a much deeper experience of life. You’re invited to start ReNaturing™ now .

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